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Property Manager or Leasing Agent

Let’s talk about the difference between a Property Manager and a Leasing Agent…

I get calls all the time from potential Tenants that are looking for just a rental.  They need 3 bedrooms and 2 baths with a fenced in yard, in a good neighborhood.  They are not really concerned about where the rental is,  just that it has a certain number of bedrooms and baths and is close to their job or school location.  Then they’ll say something like, “Go find me 4 or 5 of these to look at and we will get together and go walk through them”.

While I wish I could help everyone that calls me, if I do not have something listed that fits the criteria,  I will ask the customer to take a look at our web site at to see if one of our other property managers have something listed that would fit their needs.

And this is when I think some of the confusion comes into play…   What we do as property managers is we go out into the rental market and look for Owners that have rental homes, or investments properties, that are looking for the best possible Return On Investment, ROI, and we list the home For Rent while looking to safeguard their investment.  A bi-product of this is finding the best Tenant for the home by screening, running background checks, verifying income and employment and so forth….   Property Managers are always looking for the next Owner with an investment property.  That is the bread and butter of what we do.  However Leasing Agents will look for a specific home for an individual Tenant.  They will look in their inventory first, then go outside their own inventory to find you what you’re looking for.  Then after the lease is signed, the Leasing Agent is done.

But with a Property Manager, that is when the next step of our duties to our Owners start.  We collect rent, perform inspections, schedule repairs and maintenance, handle all of the accounting and generate monthly statements, etc….   A great Property Manager will be in contact with their Owners and Tenants on a regular basis as where a Leasing Agent is basically done once the lease is signed.  Property Management is a long term process that continues well after the lease is signed and That is what we do at ERA Grizzard Real Estate.  Our Professional Property Managers work with both Owners and Tenants and look to maintain a long term relationship that is profitable for both sides, including the Property Manager.  Successful Property Management is a volume business and a great manager is always on the hunt for Quality Owners, Properties and Tenants.

I hope this helps you understand the difference between a Property Manager and a Leasing Agent.  I’ve been a Property Manager with ERA Grizzard Real Estate for over 12 years and everyday is something new.  Let me put my skills to work for you and your investment.  Give me a call today at 352-314-1544 and let me show you what I can do for you…   Thanks…

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Posted by: Glenn Cowham, IV on August 22, 2019
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